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Music Lesson For All Ages

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Voice Lessons


Dr. Diana S. Gray, Mr. James McTier,
Mr. Milton E. Williams

Semi-Private Lessons (3-6 Students)

Registration Fee: $105 | Monthly Tuition Fee: $225
(45-Minute Weekly Lessons)

Age Level:

Age 5 - Adult

Private Lessons:

Registration Fee: $105 | Monthly Tuition Fee: $275
(60-Minute Weekly Lessons)


Online & In-Person | Montgomery Arts Academy
1803 West Third Street, Montgomery, AL

Montgomery Arts Academy is the premier destination for aspiring singers of all ages and abilities. Our voice lessons are designed to help you develop your talent and achieve your unique goals, whether you dream of performing on stage, recording your music, or simply improving your vocal skills for personal enjoyment. With our comprehensive and engaging approach, you’ll learn everything you need to know to succeed as a singer in the modern music industry.

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