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Music Lesson For All Ages

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Instrumental Lessons


Mr. Corlandt Townsend, Mr. John McTier, Mr. Michael Walker

Age Level:

Age 5 - Adult

Semi-Private Lessons (3-6 Students)

Registration Fee: $105 | Monthly Tuition Fee: $225
(45-Minute Weekly Lessons)

Private Lessons:

Registration Fee: $105 | Monthly Tuition Fee: $275
(60-Minute Weekly Lessons)


Online & In-Person | Montgomery Arts Academy
1803 West Third Street, Montgomery, AL

At Montgomery Arts Academy, we are commitment to providing high-quality music education through individualized instrumental lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. Offering instruction in a wide range of instruments, the program aims to cultivate a passion for music and foster artistic growth in a supportive and creative environment.

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