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Music Lesson For All Ages

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Preschool Music

Music Instructor

Dr. Diana S. Gray

Age Level

Ages 2-4 (A parent is required to be present during the lessons.)

Semi-Private Lessons (3-6 Students)

Registration Fee: $105 | Monthly Tuition Fee: $225
(45-Minute Weekly Lessons)


Montgomery Arts Academy
1803 West Third Street, Montgomery, AL

What's a good age to start music lessons? Here at Montgomery Arts Academy, it's as young as 2 years old! Our Music Academy is the only music school in the River Region that offers Preschool Music! We believe that children learn through fun meaningful playtime.  So why not include music during play time?  Music is simply fun.  Music helps the brain the develop.  Music teaches kids to focus and relieves stress.  Music is also a form of self-expression and can improve social skills.  Music can boost self-confidence and can enhance academic studies such as mathematics. 

Our program offers interactive and engaging music classes designed for children ages 2-4 years old. We provide a fun and educational environment where young children can explore music and develop fundamental skills through playful and creative activities with varied instruments.

* 45 minutes once per week
* Weekday late mornings & early evenings
* Limited openings

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