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Music Lesson For All Ages

Montgomery Arts Academy

Learn About Our Music Lessons

Toddler Playing Drums

Preschool Music

Our goal at Montgomery Arts Academy is to provide children with a love for music that will last a lifetime. Our preschool music program offers a well-rounded curriculum that includes singing, movement, and instrument exploration. Our experienced instructors are passionate about working with young children and understand how to create a fun and engaging learning environment. We believe that music can help children develop key skills such as concentration, memory, and coordination, all while having fun and making new friends.

Image by Kira Laktionov

Piano Lessons

At Montgomery Arts Academy, our piano lessons are designed to help students develop their music skills and reach their full potential.  Our dedicated instructors provide personalized instruction to students of all ages and levels, ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for everyone.

Voice Lessons

We believe that singing is for everyone, and our voice lessons reflect this philosophy.   We believe that music is the gateway to self-expression and personal growth.   As singers ourselves, we understand the importance of finding your own voice and style. Our welcoming and inclusive environment is designed to foster creativity and musical excellence.

Music Class

Drum Lessons

Montgomery Arts Academy is proud to offer drum lessons for all ages.   Our passion for music drives us to provide the best instruction possible, using tried and true methods, and tailor-made lesson plans.  From basic drumming techniques to advanced rhythms and styles, we have a program that will suit your needs.

Music Performer

Instrumental Lessons

At Montgomery Arts Academy, we are commitment to providing high-quality music education through individualized instrumental lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. Offering instruction in a wide range of instruments, the program aims to cultivate a passion for music and foster artistic growth in a supportive and creative environment.

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