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Rock Bands Are For Kids!

KidzRock is an innovative music program that builds kids’ love of music by letting them learn to play in a real rock band. The creator, Dave Simon, wanted all kids to learn all while playing and singing together in a fun music environment. It's always fun to explore the keyboard, guitar and drums. The new program in the River Region of Alabama has already received great reviews by music educators and parents.

What's The Word?

"My son loves Kidzrock. He loves learning the different instruments, singing into the microphone and playing on stage!. Kidzrock completely surpassed my expectations! Can't wait for the next concert!" ~ Rachel B.

"Kidzrock has been a great experience for both of my kids. I like the fact they get to practice together and have responded well to being exposed on stage. I catch them at times singing a song together which is music to my ears." ~ Suzanne G.

"Kidzrock is a fantastic program for beginning a child’s music education. The program is truly unique in that it puts children in an environment where they can learn basic musical concepts and apply them immediately in an ensemble setting. The color coordination of notes in the sheet music really helps the kids connecting note names to the notes on their respective instrument. This design is also instrumental in the band members ability to begin reading sheet music without being overwhelmed. As a guitarist myself, I love the concept of the three-string guitar. I have had countless parents come up to me after a Kidzrock performance in complete awe that their child just played a rock concert and performed well beyond their expectations. They see the potential in their child and tend to want to pursue private lessons as a next step. ~Matt Maher: Camp Director, Kidzrock at COCA (St. Louis, MO)

KidzRock! Band Practices will begin on September 4, 2018 at the Montgomery Arts Academy in Montgomery, AL. Learn how your kid can join the rock band of today by calling 334.593.3419!

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