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Music and the Mind

The mind becomes sharpened through music study, practice, and performance. Learning about music requires concentration and focus. When children are asked to analyze, compare and contrast sounds, they are actively engaged in problem-solving experiences. While experiencing music, children are developing fun mental discipline through mental exercises that are different from classroom activities, academic studies, and even video games. Research has proven that studying music will allow the individual to gain mental acuity, a clear and brilliant mind to create.

I have been a private piano teacher for nineteen years. The experience has been amazing because I see students of all ages live the music mentally, physically, and spiritually. What a great reward! I tell everyone that I love playing music. Research says that when playing the piano, the individual builds hand-eye coordination. Not only have I seen students become fluent with counting notes and rhythms, and learning music theory, but grade school students have improved and maintained their excellence in math classes. While teaching various classical pieces for piano, I encourage students to create stories to help them memorize and connect to the literature which enhances solo performances. Over years of training, piano students improve their reading and comprehension skills.

I believe that all children should play a musical instrument. Why? Playing an instrument can significantly help cognitive development that will pay off for years to come. And yes, adults benefit from playing instruments as well. Adults will build confidence and perseverance. Through music performance, adults experience inspiring creativity and emotion. And most of all, adults playing an instrument will see the musical benefits of relieving stress, anxiety and/or depression.

Playing music produces positive results. As the positive vices are developed, many can see that it’s never too late to learn to play. At Montgomery Arts Academy, classes and privates lessons designed to teach you to play in just two months. Start playing today!

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