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Preschool Music Lessons

About Us

What's a good age to start music lessons?

Here at Montgomery Arts Academy, it's as young as 2 years old! Children learn through fun meaningful playtime.  So why not include music during play time?  Music is simply fun.  Music helps the brain the develop.  Music teaches kids to focus and relieves stress.  Music is also a form of self-expression and can improve social skills.  Music can boost self-confidence and can enhance academic studies such as mathematics. 

Image by Paige Cody
Image by kychan

About Us

What's a good age to start music lessons?

​There are so many reasons why the ukulele may be a good fit for you. Children can learn a few chords and sing dozens of songs with them. They can take their "uke" with them wherever they go. It can be a great confidence booster, playing for friends and even total strangers as they gather around to sing along. It happens!

Ukelele Picture
Image by Clark Young
  • 45 minutes once per week

  • Weekday afternoons/early evenings

  • Limited openings

  • Inquire Below

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